Herb pills

About herbal formulas

Chinese classic herbal formulas (simplified Chinese: 经方; traditional Chinese: 經方) are a form of Chinese herbology, where herbs are combined for greater efficiency, compared to individual herbs. For convenience, formulated herbs are processed and made as forms of tablets or bills.

“Wan” is the Chinese word for “Pills”, whereas “Pian” means “Tablets”. The full line of patent Chinese medicines we carry comes in the form of either Wan or Pian. Of the two, Wan is the more traditional form. Both forms contain exactly the same active ingredients extracted in the same way from the same recipe of herbs. Each form weighs the same amount

Specialist Areas
  • holistic treatment
  • easy to carry and take
  • can combine with others
  • less side effects
  • some are foods
  • fixed patent fomula
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