What to Bring to your first visit ?

New Patient

Washington Acupuncture Center, our policy is to see all new patients within 7 days of the initial phone call.

For patients who have insurance covering acupuncture, you will need to pay copay and some coinsurance for the treatment. For patients without insurance coverage for acupuncture, you can pay single visit or package rate. We try to make acupuncture affordable to all patients who are in need. So do not feel hesitate to ask about possibility of reducing fee because of your difficult financial situation.

How to prepare for your first visit?

  1. Wear loose fitting or Prepare a shots and T-shirt
  2. Bring some snacks and bottle water
  3. Arrive at your appointment ten minutes earlier.
  4. Don’t have intensive exercise within 30 minutes before the appointment

Acupuncture is tuning up energy movement inside body. So it is normal if you feel tinglings inside body or a bit spaced after session.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Anything which helps us for diagnosis and claim billing can be helpful. Although our diagnosis portion has traditional TCM assessment, we also consider the diagnosis from conventional medicine and examinations. So it would be helpful…

  • Referral from Doctor
  • Doctor diagnosis result
  • Insurance card and ID
  • Blood test or imaging
  • Fertility patient: hormone test, HSG, etc.
  • Existing conditions
  • Date of injury and progress
  • Previous medical treatment history
  • Any medical documentation relevant to injury
  • Medication list if appropriate
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