A healthy menstrual cycle is one that comes regularly, approximately every 26-30 days, with no premenstrual physical or emotional discomfort, no pain, moderate flow (needing to change a pad or tampon every 3-4 hours), no clots, no spotting and that consistently lasts 4-5 days. The color should be a medium red color, not too dark and end concisely (no lingering spotting beyond the fifth or sixth day). If there is any deviation from the above ranges, we defines it a symptom or imbalance according to Chinese medicine. Sometimes, it is not yet reflected to the discomfort to body, or milder PMS. However, it is time Chinese medicine shall come to intervene. We call it preventive medicine, not to wait until medical exams show. Menstrual irregularities can be caused by a variety of conditions, including stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, infections, malignancies, diseases, trauma, and certain medications. While conventional medicine addresses structure issues by using hormone medicine or surgery, Chinese medicine address in functional issues. It can work independently or in collaboration with conventional medicine.

We specialise in helping irregular menstrual problems


Irregular menstrual related issues

Irregular Periods and IVF/IUI

In conventional medicine, treatments normally start with birth control pills to create a cycle and then continue to use hormone medicine to trigger the brain-ovary-uterus axis to react. It is a mechanic-chemical work to fertility system. We believe a regular menstrual or period is the precondition of fertility. And we believe a healthy egg/sperm and pregnancy depends upon a healthy body. So we help to restore a healthy menstrual cycle so it can function naturally without medical intervention. Therefore, it is not our goal to do IVF/IUI, our goal is to restore regular menstruation and then patient can get pregnant by nature. Certainly in combination with IVF, the chance shall increase greatly.

Hormone imbalance

This normally is related to patients who have infertility issues. It is part of medical examinations trying to figure things out. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat person in whole instead of part. Therefore, it is better to look in a different angle and body wisdom to heal itself by stimulation and food supplements like some of herbs.

Ways to help minimize discomfort and have a healthy menstrual cycle on your own

  • Avoid extremely cold or raw foods, iced beverage
  • Avoid excessive exposure to cold environments during menses.
  • Have enough sleep; healthy and warm diet
  • Manage stress; stay positive
  • Manage weight; have regular exercise
  • Take acupuncture and herbs to regulate cycle