Menopause is a transitional period marking the cessation of ovulation in a woman’s body. Most women stop menstruating between the ages of 48 and 52, but symptoms can begin as early as 35. Symptoms vary from mild to severe, and are brought on as our bodies try to adapt to decreasing amounts of estrogen.

Menopause vasomotor symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, vaginal dryness, headaches, joint pain, and weight gain. While Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) may alleviate hot flashes and prevent osteoporosis, they may also increase the risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer, and have a number of significant side-effects. But HRT isn’t the only solution, Oriental medicine has long recognized that health and vitality can be sustained over a woman’s lifetime by restoring balance within the body and supporting the natural production of essential hormones.

Recent study in Acupuncture in Menopause study: a pragmatic, randomized controlled trial found that:

  • The VMS frequency declined
  • by 36.7% at 6 months in the acupuncture group and increased by 6.0% in the control group (P < 0.001 for between-group comparison)
  • The acupuncture result can last long
  • At 12 months, the reduction from baseline in the acupuncture group was 29.4% (P < 0.001 for within-group comparison from baseline to 12 months), suggesting that the reduction was largely maintained after treatment.
  • Best can be achieved with eight treatments
  • Statistically significant clinical improvement was observed after three acupuncture treatments, and maximal clinical effects occurred after a median of eight treatments. Persistent improvements were seen in many quality of life-related outcomes in the acupuncture group relative to the control group.

We specialise in menopause support by combination of acupuncture and herbs

areas of treatment

Hot Flashes

Stress and anxiety

Insomnia and memory loss support

Weight gain control

Pain management

Lifestyle and Dietary

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • high content of raw foods, fruits and vegetables
  • eliminate stress, tension and anxiety, choose to be positive