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We provide our best acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Washington DC, Northern Virginia (McLean, Tysons Corner, Annandale, Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church), and Maryland (Rockville, Silver Spring, Bethesda) areas. Our focus on each individual with a special level of care and service that is above and beyond your expectations.


Our Approach and Values

Our aim is to provide a gold standard acupuncture service that is easy to access, conveniently located and delivered seamlessly.

Washington Acupuncture Wellness Center offers acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Asian bodywork services. We believe that our knowledge, expertise, compassion, motivation and enthusiasm are essential ingredients to resolve your health concerns and achieve your best wellness state. For fertility specific website: Acupuncture Fertility Wellness Clinic

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Our mission

We are committed to provide therapeutic benefit and result oriented service in the field of Chinese Medicine while maintaining a patient centered and enjoyable experience. -- Shu Fan

Excellence Research

We have the right caring, knowledgeable, experience and dedicated professional for you.

Patient Personal Treatments

We care about you and the success of your providing personalised care.

Professional service

We are highest levels of honesty and professionalism at all times.

Want to know Mr. Shu Fan?


Shu Fan was born in China. Most of his education and internship were completed in China.


Shu Fan

Mr.Shu Fan (樊舒先生) is a licensed Washington DC Acupuncturist serving patients in DC, Virginia and Maryland area. Mr. Fan holds the National Certification of Oriental Medicine which includes the practice of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Asian Bodywork Therapy.

Mr. Fan is specialized in pain management, fertility, and skin care. He is a member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM 2016). He pursues his Ph.D. ObGyn study in China Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine under Prof. Tan Yong (谈勇) and had his clinical training in Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine. His acupuncture advisor is Prof.Sheng (盛灿若). Mr. Fan’s office: 1712 I (eye) St NW, #410, Washington, DC 20036 Tel: 202-246-8833 703-772-7592 202-609-8824 Email: acupuncturewellnessfan@gmail.com.

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Excellent Facility & Program high-quality therapy

Our Facility

We are constantly investing time and resources researching the latest treatments, We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment plan.

  • Fully equipped treatment rooms
  • Consulting rooms – no curtained cubicles
  • Street parking out front or in a car garage park across the road
  • Easy access by public transport, orange/blue/silver/red metro lines
  • Office right on top of Farragut West Metro station
  • Highly Experienced Acupuncturist
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